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Digital out-of-home media, or DOOH media, refers to digital media that appears in environments accessible to the public. This includes digital billboards and outdoor signage, as well as networks of screens found in businesses like malls and healthcare providers. DOOH is a broad category, so you can find it pretty much everywhere. Head over to the nearest commercial district and you’ll likely find large digital billboards, small digital sign boards and even little TV screens used to serve up content. All of these are examples of DOOH.

LED Op! Advertising is a new media agency that focusses on DOOH media, with a focus on a new market, Mobile Digital Out of Home Media. We offer a unique and new solution; Digital LED billboards on sides of buses.

Apart from offering great new and smart (Instant real-time advertising adjustments with geofencing) and targeted advertising, we also offer creative solutions for your company, items, brand, campaigns and more. Together with our clients we design the future and reach the required demographic.

We strive to create more innovative and new ways to collaborate and focus on the future. This generates collective and flexible solutions and enables us to become the best provider in ref of media solution services.

Why LED Op!?

Why Choose LED Op! Advertising?

You want an advertising campaign that must evaluate demographic preferences, consumer wants and needs, and carrier costs to determine if it makes sense to invest into this type of advertising. We live in a world of instant gratification. If a song, podcast, or digital ad shows up on our smart devices, we simply hit select or swipe away to something we like better.

A simple (and effective) solution to ensuring your brand attracts new and recurring customers is through LED Op! Advertising. The Main and best reason to use our Service is that our ads are Measurable. Through sophisticated software we are able to measure running ads on different points and generate data that is needed to determine if ad has been successful.

Top Reasons Why LED Op! Advertising Service Works

Mobile Digital Out of Home Advertising

PRICE Bundles

Packages start as low as ANG 625.00 for 280 views per month. Contact us for your tailored quotation.
All packages include following EXTRA FREE service:Possibility to change your content at any time.These prices are based on views of sec in prime times.
Monday – Friday 07:00-09:00 | 12:00-14:00 | 17:00-19:00
Saturday 08:00-10:00 | 12:00-14:00 | 17:00-19:00
Sunday 07:30-10:00 | 16:00-18:00

Discounts available
High buying views package also available

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Digital Out of Home Advertising, or DOOH, continues to gain more traffic (literally) than newspaper and magazine print ad campaigns, as well as commercial advertising. According to an article in OOH Today, “Global spending on outdoor advertising will outpace ad spending on newspapers for the first time ever in 2020.”


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